Engineering biology in the light of evolution


The Sculpting Evolution group seeks to cultivate wisdom through evolutionary and ecological engineering. We design tools to harness and forestall evolution, work with diverse communities to develop new ways of altering shared ecosystems, and conduct research to safeguard our future against emerging technological risks. 

Biologically, we develop new ways of engineering genomes, organisms, and ecosystems. These technologies will allow us to build, establish, and maintain useful traits in complex living systems. 

Culturally, we leverage these technologies to change institutional incentives in hopefully beneficial directions.

By weaving together biological and cultural engineering, we can accelerate the development and introduction of beneficial technologies while reforming the broader process of scientific and technological discovery to favor greater openness and safety.


    Controlling evolutionary fitness in complex environments, stabilizing systems, and engineering populations.


    Applying evolutionary engineering to accelerate the discovery and optimization of biotechnologies too complex for design.


    Developing novel methods of precisely editing genomes and regulating natural and synthetic biological systems.